About Us

Our Story

As a former men's physique competitor, Founder, Colton Nason, wanted to find a way to add more flavor to his morning oats without the outrageous amount of added sugar found in the pre-flavored packets!

Originally created primarily for oatmeal, we quickly realized our products were delicious on much more than just oatmeal!

Our products are all-natural, made with real fruit, and contain no added sugar. They are even gluten-free!

Sprinkle on your oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream, use in your baking or even in your smoothie! The possibilities are endless, so go ahead, get your Fruit Freak on!

Our Values

  • Transparent, simple ingredients. All of our products contain a minimal amount of ingredients, that you can actually pronounce, to keep the flavor as natural as possible.
  • No sugar added. We promise our products will always be made with no sugar added to them! We believe the natural sweetness of the fruit is enough to create a flavor you will love!
  • All-natural with no artificial sweeteners. These days so many companies showcase packaging that leads you to believe their products are healthy only to find out they are loaded with additives and artificial sweeteners. We promise our products will always be all-natural and free from artificial sweeteners.
  • Gluten-free. We believe in making our products accessible to the largest amount of people, which includes those with gluten sensitivities, and so we will continue to create gluten-free products. 

If you've been looking for honest, delicious products, you've found them! Shop now!