• What can I put the seasonings on?
Our seasonings are the perfect topping for oatmeal, yogurt, and ice cream! You can even use them in your baking or blend them in your smoothie!
  • How long is the shelf life?
Our products have a shelf life of one year. We recommend storing them in a cool dry place.
  • What stores can I buy them in?
Check out our 'Retailers' page for all of the great stores that carry our products.
  • Are you coming out with more flavors?
Yes! We are constantly working to develop new, delicious flavors that you will love!
  • What areas include 'Local Delivery'?
Local Delivery includes up to 75km around the city. Some cities included are: Strathmore, Airdrie, High River
  • Do I need to refrigerate after opening?
Nope! Our seasonings are made with dehydrated fruit which means they do not need to be refrigerated after opening. However, you should store them in a cool dry place.